Brad has worked as a direct line social worker, empowering residents living in supportive housing; and as a homeless outreach worker, advocating for some of Portland’s most vulnerable residents. He helped to provide some clarity to a complex system in his work as a research associate for UCLA, assisting on a study that looked into the nation’s prison programs and how they address substance use disorders.

Brad carried his perspective and experience to his roles with the City of Portland, where he educated and trained the community and City workers and facilitated large and small meetings that involved individuals and groups with competing perspectives and objectives. Throughout his career, Brad has provided small and large group facilitation that was focused on identifying and then overcoming differences to achieve shared outcomes and goals. He has brought groups and individuals together who were coming to the conversation with conflicting perspectives.

As the City of Portland’s Mental Health Specialist and as a Crime Prevention Coordinator with the City of Portland, he built on his experience facilitating meetings and processes that involve a variety of perspectives that center around police accountability and which empower and enrich community involvement. As a facilitator, he has designed numerous processes that: have allowed for the safe sharing of information; encouraged productive questions; nurtured trust building; provided opportunities for intentional listening; and maintained the emotional and physical safety of all participants. He has facilitated meetings that have often involved a diverse group of individuals with competing interests.

Brad Taylor leads BTG processes to allow for the safe sharing of information, encourage productive questions, nurture trust-building, inspire intentional listening, and maintain the emotional and physical safety of all participants.