Thank you again for a wonderful training. Staff really enjoyed your style and expressed feeling comfortable discussing touchy subjects with you. It was also the first time I have seen them laugh that much at a training. Great job!
— Marquea Holford Director of Emergency Services- Human Solutions
Brad Taylor brings a unique calm, poise, compassion and energy to his content. It is very evident he cares about the audience and their needs. When we hired Brad to help our staff feel better able to navigate transient challenges when they go about their necessary work in the field, Brad performed thorough needs analysis and in advance spoke to every level of staff who would have insights. He immersed himself to leverage his expertise precisely the way our learners needed it. His training is different. His style is his own and that is an extremely positive and practical difference. WE loved learning from Brad. Staff indicate after his training they have had greater success interacting with challenging situations in the field.
— Shannon Milliman City of Portland Wastewater Group Management Assistant, Learning and Development
Brad is uniquely skilled at disrupting habitual trains of thought. When it is time to shake up your approach to a challenge, Brad guides the re-framing of a problem. After working with Brad on strategic planning and a two-day retreat, I trust that Brad can take on the dynamics of a work team through conscientious preparation. Even more vital to the success of an event, Brad adapts seamlessly to the energy of a room and remains flexible to an evolving process. Brad anticipates the requirements of your goals in advance, eliminating any barriers to a team showing up and getting down to work.
— Casey Bieberich, Complaint Investigator for the Independent Police Review
I had the pleasure of participating in your class yesterday and just like the first one – it was great! It’s such a pleasure to walk away from a training knowing that I have gained something valuable and useful which will help me be better.
— Chris Pagnotta Senior Plans Examiner Bureau of Development Services, City of Portland
Thank you for being a part of the panel discussion regarding houselessness. Your insight was great for everyone to hear in the room. Thank you for taking the time to help our employees with this difficult issue.
— Margaret Evans Workforce Development Manager Director’s Office Portland Parks & Recreation
Within the last year I attended a training you gave on “Managing Conflict in the Field”. As an environmental investigator and duty officer responding to the 24 hour spill response hotline, I found your information to be very helpful.
— Beth Hiscott Environmental Investigator City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services
Brad Taylor has been a valuable resource for City of Portland employees. He trains staff from various bureaus, offering practical tips for improving communication with constituents and with their colleagues. His engaging and laid-back style and his ability to share his unique professional experiences have made his training sessions extremely popular. Brad has helped my staff become more confident and their experiences communicating with the community are more positive. Even after my 26-year career in psychiatric nursing, he taught me new ways of managing challenges with both people experiencing mental illnesses and angry constituents, in a constructive, supportive manner.
— Amanda Fritz Commissioner, City of Portland
I just wanted to touch bases with you to thank you for your participation in our in service training day.
We received a lot of positive feedback regarding your presentation. Not only was the subject matter helpful but your way of presenting it kept our staff engaged.
— Lynette T. Brown Parking Enforcement Supervisor City of Portland
Your compassionate approach and years of experience brought us exactly what we needed to be out as a group as neighborhood ambassadors. I will use your tips and referrals personally as well. But overall, I think what you said enlightened the way we look at others less fortunate, especially homeless and those in crisis, and will help us stay safer simultaneously.
— Sally Mize Training Participant
You have the unique ability to flush out conflict and allow everyone at the table to be heard. Your facilitation was crucial and instrumental in its success and our office couldn’t be more grateful.
— Goldann Salazar Executive Assistant to Commissioner Amanda Fritz



Thank you for the specific verbiage! Too often concepts are presented without specific tools and this was definitely not the case today. Awesome!
 Refreshing to have a professional and entertaining presentation backed up by knowledge and experience!
This is the second training I’ve had with Brad Taylor. He is excellent. He gets everyone talking and makes the training light hearted without using seriousness. He really has taken the time to learn what we do and is approaching us with realistic ideas.
I am getting wonderful feedback from everyone. You have great energy and experience. In just an afternoon you have softened some people’s thoughts and approach to this situation. You made a huge difference for our office. Thank you for your optimism, patience, and re-framing. You are great!
Your approach is very disarming and puts trainees at ease.
I really enjoy Brad as a trainer! He is knowledgeable, non-judgmental and fosters an environment that is safe and open.
Wow! Great, full of information, perfect way to share helpful information with a touch of funny in there. Very nice training, helpful, useful! Thank you!
Fabulous seminar. We heard this would be good, but surprised that it was better than expected.
Brad did a lot of research to have an applicable training. His tones/humor/experiences made for a training that I felt had great take away examples.
Thank you! Kept it engaging, human, interesting. I came in with a know-it-all attitude but you turned that frown upside down.
Appreciated how content was specifically tailored for our unique work. It was a fresh, grounded approach to applying customer service tools. Appreciated the humor and analogies. Moved at a good pace through material. Appreciated the format as a conversational lecture rather than a dry Power Point.