Workplace training

~ Managing Stressful Situations

~ Mental Health Awareness

~ Pre-Escalation/De-Escalation

~ Active Shooter Preparedness

~ Customer Service

~Team Building

~Supervisory Training

~Managing Vicarious Trauma

~ Improving Interactions with


Experiencing Homelessness


Brad Taylor Group designs and delivers trainings seminars that will:

  • Introduce new language, tools, and perspectives

  • Identify and explore areas where conflict may emerge

  • Develop models of communication that promote empowerment, respect and integrity

  • Help to establish and maintain appropriate boundaries

  • Improve internal and external communication process

  • Empower participants' voices

Conflict Resolution Strategies

~ Burnout Prevention

~ Repairing Group Dynamics

~ Consensus Building

~ Improved Internal Communication


Brad Taylor Group will:

  • Research past and examine current situations

  • Explore issues from various perspectives

  • Establish and maintain space to engage

  • Lead the defining of goals and the naming of barriers

  • Work to establish steps on the path to resolution

  • Facilitate focused dialog

  • Follow up on progress of plan and continue to meet as needed


~ Public and Private Meetings and Processes

~Group Retreat

~ Event Planning

~ Executive Searches/Recruiting

~ Strategic Planning

~ Situational Debriefs


Brad Taylor Group will:

  • Prioritize developing and maintaining a safe environment

  • Inspire participation

  • Nurture learning

  • Maintain focus

  • Achieve Results


~ Executive Coaching

~ Written/Verbal Messaging

~ Media Relations

~ Life Coaching for Individuals/Couples

~ Organizational Audits


Brad Taylor Group will:

  • Bridge gaps in communication

  • Shift dynamics in partnerships and small groups

  • Improve your skills, confidence, and outcomes

  • Craft effective language and messaging strategies for
    internal, external, and media communications